Darwin - The Arrival

Well almost a year has passed since we first arrived in Darwin, the actual date 4th June. We arrived after a 3.30am start from Cape Don about 100nm north of Darwin. We looked set for a wonderful ride into Darwin or so we thought. The stars sparkled in the still waters of Popham bay as we prepared to set off.

We rounded Cape Don and the next three hours we pushed into the howling winds. The sea poured over us, but we were moving forward. The currents here are huge: up and over seven meters. Cape Don is where the opposing waters, currents, and winds meet and wow, we certainly had a ride.

The day then slowed as we pushed current, with not much wind we slowed down to a very slow crawl. Tiata was full of salt, as were we after out morning dash. A refreshing shower and a nice brunch were called for. We motored sailed the rest of the day with Darwin slowly emerging on the hazy horizon.

By mid afternoon Darwin City skyline was well in view we motored past Fannie Bay, the many cruising boats expected had started gathering. A beautiful bay that will become our home for the next 6 weeks. We continued around past Cullen Bay, Darwin CBD, and the wharf precinct before we made our way into Frances Bay.

All these places were still just names to us but over the coming months, we would get to know Darwin first hand. It was coming on dusk as we picked up a mooring outside of Dinah Beach Sailing Cub. http://www.dinahbeachcya.com.au/ We were treated with the most stunning sunset. It filled the sky with rich golden hue.

After tidying up, we put down the ‘tender’ and made our way into the sailing club a quirky place; you see it has no walls, just a lid. Friendly locals, who were keen to help up settle into what would be our home, quickly welcomed us: if only for one season......